A Brookside salon specializing in balayage, highlights, corrective color, and cutting techniques customized to each clients unique condition and texture.

Open as of January 2016!

While I am gradually adding modern elements and my own personal touches to my new space, additions will continue to happen along the way. It’s just the beginning of a very exciting road! I am on a mission to make your salon experience different, by creating an environment that is tailored to you and that allows you to draw inspiration from it.

ROOTS SALON craves to be a salon that provides a creative, upbeat, and professional atmosphere while building genuine, lasting relationships with our clients and also our stylists. The goal of ROOTS SALON is to create a salon that is less like a salon and more like a lively, desired place to be, where the atmosphere that the music creates is just as vital as the multidimensional color techniques that we use every day.

Where did the name “ROOTS SALON” come from?

The name “ROOTS SALON” isn’t something that just came out of no where– there’s a backstory there. Where we came from directly effects us. It encourages us to grow, it keeps us grounded and in check with reality, and is even hard sometimes–that’s the beauty. The people we work with or for, the relationships we build, the hard times and the good times, the excitement of learning something new, and the passion for making people feel good about themselves are all seeds that were planted the first time that those emotions were felt. It’s at the beginning when those who invest in us, teach us, and discipline us make the biggest impact on us. It’s also at the beginning that seeds are planted into our core beliefs, our strength, our integrity, our business ethic, and our purpose. Recently another seed was planted in my heart, and I want to share it with every one of you. I’m a big believer in the timing of things and the crossing of paths. Although the salon is taking on a new name, “ROOTS SALON”, it is also where I took another leap of faith almost twenty years ago. Yes, in this exact location! It was where I went when I was on my own for the first time and I was warmly welcomed, yet again, years later now that the original salon has moved locations. Timing… Timing is everything, I tell you. I am ending up where I began, and later again where I built relationships that influenced me greatly, and where I absolutely loved being. I took a big step of faith and this is where I landed. If those aren’t roots, I don’t know what are.

{ I am rooted in my faith, I am rooted in my family, I am rooted in my industry, I color your roots, and I am back where my roots once began }

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